The Challenge

Develop a floor display for a new product launch, introducing The Microride sole technology.


The Solution:

Designed a floor display where the consumer at store level could actually step on the product to feel the difference in technology. One side was the typical sneaker material and the other was the new Microride Bounce. A monitor was included on the header, with a continuous loop video explaining the unique bounce technology.

The Challenge:

To develop an interchangeable window display that can feature either one or multiple footwear products.

Popai Gold Award Winner for metallic frame design with interchangeable graphics for a nationwide promotion.

This window banner features the classic Trefoil logo and explores dimensional space with the use of printed clear acetate, open behind the logo revealing a brushed aluminum backer, offset several inches.

Banners are suspended inside a 3.5” dimensional box frame constructed of styrene with a laminated brushed aluminum foil.

Materials: Printed clear acetate, styrene, laminated foamier (aluminum background).

The Solution:

Designed, printed and shipped to hundreds of locations in the form of a retail store kit, to be installed by store staff. We included multiple shoe pop off designs combined with multiple background looks for maximum flexibility.